Other Products

Kurita provides a comprehensive range of services that meet the needs of the customers, which include assessing the contamination of soil and ground water and selecting and implementing the remediation method that is best for the land. We have an extensive lineup of remediation technologies that can identify the source of

contamination while the customers’ plants are in operation and safely remediate them. One way is the anaerobic biological method, which remediates the soil without digging it up by using the microorganisms in the soil. There is also the in-situ oxidation decomposition method, which rapidly and securely treats groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds.

Anaerobic biological method

This technology makes volatile organic compounds harmless through the use of cultivated anaerobic microorganisms. The use of microorganisms in nature helps remediate contamination safely and at a low cost. For sites where there are few or no microorganisms, we have developed and commercialized a bio-augmentation technology that applies microorganisms cultivated in advance to contaminated groundwater.

In-situ oxidation decomposition method

This technology decomposes and remediates groundwater and soil contaminated with trichloroethylene and other volatile organic compounds. It is a low-cost method capable of remediating the soil in an extremely short amount of time.

We have a range of products and technologies for cleaning and removing the dirt and deposits that accumulate boilers, as well as heat exchangers and plumbing to ensure the safe and efficient operation of power plants and industrial plants.

Many of these cleaning processes involve the use of water. For this reason, we also provide various chemicals and equipment for effluent treatment

Products and technologies for various plants

Here we provide an overview of the products and technologies for various kinds of plants. These include products and technologies for cleaning the industrial boilers of power plants and heat exchangers of petroleum and chemical plants, removing sludge from nuclear power plants, and decontaminating dioxins when incinerators are dismantled.

Ammoniac nitrogen effluent treatment equipment

This treatment system is for effluent with a high concentration of ammoniac nitrogen. It causes the effluent to make contact with the air through showering or some other similar means, and detoxifies the gasified ammonia through catalytic decomposition. The advantage of this equipment lies in its compact size and the fact that it does not generate contaminated mud.

The manufacturing of liquid crystal and semiconductors involves a process in which a thin film is formed by heating the metal materials that coat the substrates. In this process, the vaporized materials not only stick to the products, but also to parts of the manufacturing equipment. This can result in problems that disrupt the stable manufacture of products.

The tool cleaning services offer customers a way to remove the deposits on the part surfaces and finish cleaning with ultrapure water and ultrasonic sound wave. Kurita provides a wide range of products and technologies for performing cleaning that best fits the particular part or type of deposit.