Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony.


Becoming an Advanced Water and Environmental Management Company

We will implement its Corporate Philosophy and contribute to society by striving to add new value and functions to water and by meeting global challenges such as the conservation of the natural environment and effective use of resources.

We will further progress its "water management" achieved through its state-of-the-art products, technologies and services, thereby achieving "advanced management" to ensure that water of appropriate quality and quantity is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

We will further advance its service business in the water field to help customers meet their challenges, such as more safety, higher productivity and lower environmental impact, thereby retaining the continued trust of its customers and realizing its own growth.

Becoming an Advanced Water and Environmental Management Company

"Water & Environmental Management." This Logo reflects Kurita's strong commitment to providing value to its customers and to society through the creation of truly enlightened systems in an area so crucial to human existence.

Kurita Water Malaysia was established in Malaysia in 1994, a fully owned subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries - one of the top 3 water treatment specialty companies in the world...

Since our inception, we have been serving a diverse customer base in Malaysia with innovative and value based products, often imbuing a philosophy of reuse and optimization into our solutions. Our work helps customers protect precious water resources, minimise waste and cost, and drastically prolong the lifespan of manufacturing process equipment and systems. Kurita Water Malaysia is strongly supported by the activities of an advanced team of technical experts based out of Singapore, which engages in R & D activities catering specifically to the water needs of the South East Asian region.